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How to Use the Mini Inferno Tinder Disks

Mini Inferno Tinder Disks

How To

As we have mentioned many times, one of the most important things to be able to do in a survival situation is start a fire. While there are many tools we can carry with us that make this much easier, one of the better ones is the Mini Inferno Tinder disks.

There are five disks in a tin that allow for more fire starts or longer burn times depending on how you use them. They are easy to light and have a good burn time as well.

Here we are going to lay out a good set of instructions for using your Mini Inferno Tinder Disks.

However, it is always good to remember that instructions don’t replace practice. Get out and use your gear before you are in that survival situation.

Getting the Fibers.

Before the disks will burn easily you have to expose the fine fibers that are normally protected by a wax coating.

Survival - Mini Inferno Tinder Disk Good Fuzz- Wilderness Survival Systems : Picture

You can expose these fibers by either taring the disk or scraping at it with a knife. The finer the fibers you can expose the easier the tinder will start. If you get the fibers right it will only take a spark from a spark wheel like you would find on a common lighter.

Survival - Mini Inferno Tinder Disks Clumpy - Wilderness Survival Systems : PictureSomething to note, is that you can get a clumpy consistency between the fibers and the wax that the disks are made of. If you can avoid this it will make it easier to light the disk.




Once the Fibers are lit.

Once the fibers you exposed in the previous step are lit and burning, they will catch the rest of the disk on fire.

If you are in ideal conditions and don’t need as much burn time, you can use partial disks or once your secondary tinder is burning, you can pull the burning disk out of the fire and blow it out and reuse it later. Both methods can help conserve resources.

In contrast, if you are in wet difficult conditions you can just leave the disk in the tin and let it burn all five of the disks. This will greatly increase burn time if you need to dry wet secondary tinder.

Survival - Mini Inferno Tinder Disk Lit - Wilderness Survival Systems : Picture



As always be aware of your surroundings, if you are in very dry conditions don’t build campfires. Also, the Mini Inferno Tinder Disks are not a toy and should not be given to children and they should always be used with respect.


Here is a link to our instructional video on the Mini Inferno Tinder Disks.

Here is a link to the Mini Inferno Tinder Disk on our website.


Until next time, get out and try these things out.

Thanks for reading, and Don’t be Safe! Be prepared!


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  • Great video on the inferno disks! Super awesome to see Zeke make a cameo appearance!

    Wade Hucke

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