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About Us

Who we are:  

Mike, Angela & Zeke

Mike & Ang - Wilderness Survival Systems
Zeke - Wilderness Survival Systems
Ang & Mike - Wilderness Survival Systems

Our Mission:

 Provide high quality gear that we ourselves would not hesitate to use, in a compact case that is always with you.

Our Motto:

 Don’t be safe, be prepared! 

It’s impossible to be safe in the wilderness, but you need to be prepared!  This includes having the right gear and knowing how to use it.  We are always adding content to our youtube channel and our campfire stories to help educate people.

Our History:

We are both born and raised in Montana, having grown up in the outdoors.  Helping people has always been our passion, from caring for soldiers while serving in an army medivac unit to volunteering in our local search and rescue unit and ski patrol. 

Why we started Wilderness Survival Systems:

S&R is where we realized the need for our gear.  Too many times we would find someone unprepared in the wilderness because they didn’t have the right gear with them. 

Our mission is to save lives!



Thank you for being our customer,

Mike and Angela Keck

Owners: Wilderness Survival Systems.