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About Us

As with most companies, Wilderness Survival Systems started off as an Idea. An idea brought about by necessity.

After retiring from the Montana Army National Guard with several deployments under our belts, Angela and I had decided to continue to serve our community.  We started volunteering in our local search and rescue unit, as well as becoming ski patrollers at the local ski hill.   

We found this volunteer work very rewarding and it involved being outdoors so we both enjoyed it. During our volunteer work we noticed that we weren’t carrying the gear we should be.  

You see, when we were in the Guard, we both served as flight crew members and flight instructors on UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters. This required us to wear and train with Aviation Life Support Equipment (a fancy way of saying survival gear). It was natural for us to look for something like that to have with us while we were out on searches or while we were patrolling the mountain.

As it turns out, that was easier said than done. We soon discovered it was very difficult to find this type of gear on the civilian market, especially as a single product that could be integrated into current equipment.

That’s when the idea for Wilderness Survival Systems was born. We thought it would be great to be able to get survival gear that was packaged in a way that allowed it to be carried in several different ways for multiple different purposes.

After several years of testing many different types of equipment we have developed a system of equipment that can be expanded or contracted to suit most any type of activity.  

The system is what makes us different. This system allows you, our customer, to find already tested quality gear assembled and packaged in a way that allows it to integrate into current equipment or ordered from scratch to build a “system” to suit your needs.

Our commitment to you is that we will never sell anything that we have not tested or would not use ourselves.   


Thank you for being our customer,

Mike and Angela Keck

Owners: Wilderness Survival Systems.