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The A-IFAK to the Rescue Zeke's Misadventure

The A-IFAK to the Rescue Zeke's Mis Adventure


When we think of first aid, we most often think in terms of treating people. However, what if something happens to one of the animals with us?


If you know anything about us, you know that Zeke, our very spoiled king shepherd, is a big part of just about everything we do. So, it’s no surprise that when I had to get some pictures of new products, Zeke had to be with me.


I like to take my product pictures with an outdoors background because I think it looks better. So, Zeke and I headed out to one of our spots about 20 minutes from home to get some pictures. He was rather excited since we hadn’t been out in sometime (he thinks we spend way too much time in the office).


Upon arrival at the location, I let Zeke out of the jeep, and he ran around rolling in the snow, sniffing stuff, and finding unmentionable things to eat, while I set up to take pictures and built a fire to cook lunch on.   


After lunch I needed to take pictures of the last product, and I wanted to put some water in the background (and open water isn’t the easiest thing to find around here this time of year) so we headed down the road.


That’s when it happened.


When we found a good spot, I noticed some blood in the snow in one of Zeke’s footprints. At first it wasn’t much so I figured I would check on it when we got back to the jeep.


Survival - IFAK - Zeke's Bloody Foot Print in the Snow - Wilderness Survival Systems : Picture

As I was taking my pictures the blood kept getting worse, so I figured I had better get him back to the rig and see what was going on.




Survival - IFAK - Zeke's foot bleeding - Wilderness Survival Systems : Picture After getting back to the jeep I put him in the back seat with his front feet sticking out the door so I could see what was going on. He had cut one of his pads deeply and it was bleeding profusely by now. In the case of a person a normal pressure dressing probably would have sufficed. While I’m no vet, it seemed that everything I tried cut off circulation to the rest of his pads.


 Fortunately, I don’t go anywhere without one of our advanced individual first aid kits anymore, and I was able to use some wound seal topical powder to finally get the bleeding stopped.

Survival - IFAK - Zeke's Foot wound seal - Wilderness Survival Systems : Picture



Survival - Zeke's Foot with Dressing - IFAK - Wilderness Survival Systems : Picture With a good dressing applied I was able to get him home. Zeke ended up getting several stitches and several weeks later is still limited on running and doing normal dog things.




Things turned out ok and Zeke will be fine, but I have to think, we were in a very controlled situation. We were working out of a vehicle and had a short trip back to town. My thoughts move to all of times we had the kids on hikes that took a solid day of hiking to get in or out. What would have happened if that would have been one of them, or if this would have happened to Zeke in those conditions, now the severity of the situation is very different.


Those hikes were some of the best time spent with my kids and the fact of the matter is we never had an issue. Looking back on things, we were not prepared for something like that to go wrong, and in our defense, we looked for first aid kits to fit the bill and there just wasn’t anything on the market at the time.


That’s why we started this business. To provide high quality equipment to help you be prepared for those inevitable things that go wrong.


The first aid kit to handle most any emergency on those long hiking trips is now available.  


Get yours before your next trip into the back country or even you next trip to the mall.


There will be some links at the bottom of the page to our AIFAK and our pet medical kit.


Thanks for reading,



P.S. As always “Don’t be safe, Be Prepared”

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